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We believe that a certain sum of excitement, which we call occupation energy, is displaced from an end-presentation along the association paths selected by that end-presentation. An' let 'em splutter all they want to, he commented comfortably to himself.. The apartment was carpetless, and the dust of a decade lay deep on the old books, shelves, and the familiar advertisements of guano and fertilizers which decorated the room.. All the same, it would be an error to see in the dream facade nothing but the misunderstood and somewhat arbitrary elaboration of the dream carried out at the instance of our psychical life.. The deacon's horse knew before the deacon did that something had happened in his favor, and was quick to respond.. He was going to get up early, take exercise, keep to a strict diet, and above all accept no more invitations to suppers.. Having completed them to my satisfaction, I again looked toward the timepiece, and was half inclined to believe in the possibility of odd accidents when I found that, instead of my ordinary fifteen or twenty minutes, I had been dozing only three; for it still wanted seven-and-twenty of the appointed hour.. Having won your case, sir, said the Colonel, coolly, the--er--usages of advocacy do not prevent me from espousing the cause of the weak and unprotected.. At the door I met the sociable Wheeler returning, and he buttonholed me and recommenced: Well, thish-yer Smiley had a yaller, one-eyed cow that didn't have no tail, only jest a short stump like a bannanner, and---- However, lacking both time and inclination, I did not wait to hear about the afflicted cow, but took my leave.. I thought at first, ma'am, I should not be able to ask you here this evening, for it is not our way to have company in his absence; but my daughter Jane over-persuaded me to send for you.. Action and the conscious expression of thought mostly suffice for the practical need of judging a man's character.. But when I looked at them through my glasses, I found no halo of real manliness. There was not a good feature or a pleasant expression among them all.. For Richard Greenough once told me that, in studying for the statue of Franklin, he found that the left side of the great man's face was philosophic and reflective, and the right side funny and smiling.. it aims at a repetition of that perception which is connected with the fulfillment of the want.. At last one old man, whom I at once recognized as a Graduate of our University (Anno 1800) held up his hand.. For the mental processes are in themselves devoid of quality except for the excitements of pleasure and pain accompanying them, which, as we know, are to be held in check as possible disturbances of thought. I confess I hated to go.. Will you pe take de odder pottle, or 'ave you pe got zober yet, and come to your zenzes? I made haste, hereupon, to nod my head twice--once in the negative, meaning thereby that I would prefer not taking the other bottle at present; and once in the affirmative, intending thus to imply that I was sober and had positively come to my senses.. I begged her to occupy herself rather with me than with the strangers...

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