Saturday, December 17, 2005

let me introduce myself

Hello everybody who accidentally or forced by me, happen to bump into this blog!! Here's a biiiiig smile from me! : D
I have this thing - I can draw. And since I believe I don't make the best of this gift God gave me, I thought a blog would help me get rid of some of the frustration and maybe find some opportunities to use my skills in a productive way.

I went to art school in my home town between the age of 12-16 (loooong time ago), I did illustrations for the highschool magazine and I sometimes draw storyboards. A few months ago I did some for the ad agency where I work as a... copywriter (confusing, huh?).
I can say that drawing has always been there for me, even if only when doodling (and I do that a lot).

Inspiration comes especially when I'm pissed or down. It happened very few times when i was actually happy. So, I sometimes draw whatever crazy stuff are going on in my head, mostly to release tension.

This blog also symbolizes an era when I try to draw more often and perfect my skill, find out stuff about illustration, other people interested in it and myself. Taraaaa!
So let's enjoy the ride together!


Blogger diana said...

wow! congrats! i'm so very glad you finally decided to do something about your talent! from now on, i can only support you...:)

11:32 AM  

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